• Assist less fortunate children by spiritual and educational programs; 
  • Work and support charitable organizations with similar missions 
  • Nurture the holistic development of children through a variety of activities and programs



As the inequality of global wealth distribution continues to increase, more and more people are living under the poverty lines. The presence of poverty usually coincides with significant obstacles, including limited resources, disease, famine, and high illiteracy and pregnancy rates.  As a result, children are the first ones who are detrimentally affected.

Children are our future

If we believe Children are our future, reaching out to them and building them up is the most direct and effective way to help their future in a positive way.

Love Foundation Canada believes that by changing the lives of children, it will help communities to build a better future through empowerment, education, income generation, and self-sufficiency. We aim to reach out to these less fortunate children by supporting their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

In many developing countries, many parents have to leave their hometowns in order to find employment in the cities. While these parents are working hard outside to earn a living to support their families back home, many of these young, abandoned, and often neglected children go astray and turn into gangsters, prostitutes, and borne tragedies.  

When children are separated from their parents for an extended period of time, they often become rude, insecure, violent, and full of hatred. Many of them tend to get married as earlier as 16 and 17, fantasizing that they can get a better and more secured future. Unfortunately, the exact opposite usually occurs. Many young couples give birth soon after they got married, leave for work in cities, leaving the child(ren) to the elderly at home.Statistic
shows that many of these marriages ended with turmoil, and the birth rate is higher too. In countries like China, it has become a tradition in rural areas where the birthing of a first child at the age of 20 is already considered a late pregnancy. This creates a ripple effect of poverty resulting in a huge social problem to the society; to stop this chain of events, and to break this circle of poverty, adequate attention and education must be given to children at an early age.

In rural China, the social phenomenon of abandoned kids is generally referred to as “Left-Behind Children” — they are described as “orphans with parents”.  In China alone, accordingly to official statistic, there are 61 million “Left Behind Children”, a number almost twice the population of Canada.

Despite this is a huge social problem, we can not pretend not seeing it and expecting the local government would change this situation. As a group of Christian, we believe reaching out to them is the best way to act out the core values of our Faith.

To learn more about our works, please contact us at admin@lovefoundationcanada.org, or reach out to you local churches if you are in Ontario Canada. We would be more than happy to share with you of how God has been doing miracle works in reaching out these once been forgotten lives.