When I met with Agnes Chiang last year, I was so impressed by Agnes’ passion and energy to serve God. She shared with us her devotional life, her fasting and pray and interceding on her knees. I could feel that she was filled with The Holy Spirit. Yet, Agnes humbly said that anyone could be like her if they are willing to obey the Will of The Father. Agnes declared that she was just an ordinary woman, but I saw that she had this total surrender of self to The Lord and total trust for His providence and consummation. 

Agnes shared with the small group her 3 visions that evening:

1) Evangelizing to all local communities and Making Disciples of all local churches
2) Cultivating North American Christians to be God's Golden Lampstand 
3) God's Mission in Calling all the Left behind children in China to Himself 

When I first heard of the words Golden Lampstand, I was so attracted by this term.

But I felt that I was unworthy. Then I remembered Agnes's sharing that God can use any

Ordinary person. I took a step of courage to work together with Love Foundation Canada to Provide Revival Meetings to our local believing communities. 

I have also seen how God has blessed, sanctified and multiplied the work of Agnes and her entire team to go
into China to work with the local churches to Train The Trainers so that the left behind children can be mentored and nurtured in the English Summer Camp. 

This group of dedicated volunteers in Love Foundation sees that this is A Once in a Lifetime opportunity to Serve God and the people whom He loves. Love Foundation needs a lot of talents and resources to join hands with them to care for these left behind children, giving them hope and a second chance. We are living in the End Times and a very interesting time. Jesus is returning very soon. Are we willing to say- Here I am, Send me, Use me, Include
Me. May His Kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven. 

Winnie Tsai






                2014 & 2015


Your participation would make much difference in the lives of thousands of kids. 

We love because he first loved us.     1 John 4:19.